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The World In The Palm of Palin’s Hand

February 9, 2010

It’s kind of a modern-day version of Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burned.

If you want a great example of why nothing ever gets accomplished in this country, just look at these two photos and guess which one is the lead story in American news media.

If you guessed “Iran commits to increasing it’s enriched uranium to 20%” you’d be dead wrong (pun intended).

Uranium enriched to 20% is nuclear weapons-grade. Yeah, yeah, I know Ahmadinejad says this is for “peaceful reasons” such as energy development and creating isotopes for treating cancer patients. There’s also a bridge in Tehran he’d like to sell me.

Meanwhile over in Teabag-ville, the media is obsessed with Sarah Palin’s address to the Tea Party summit this weekend and how she had to write talking points on her hand so she could “stay on message”. We all know that she’s a nitwit, but she’s a powerful nitwit in the political world so we can’t seem to focus on the things that really matter. Like that pesky little guy in Iran thumbing his nuclear nose at the rest of us.

Something about this smacks of our pre-9/11 distraction to me. While Bill Clinton was being impeached for his affair with Intern Lewinsky, our whole country and the Western world took our collective eyes off the ball, allowing Al Qaeda to infiltrate the US and put their murderous plot into action.

My point here is that our government is so deeply mired in politics, that it’s now impossible for them to do the peoples’ business. Instead of reforming healthcare, they’re too busy bickering about procedure. Instead of creating jobs, they’re trying to save their own. And instead of putting the time and energy required into dealing with world peace and terrorism and domestic safety, they’re obsessed with playing a dangerous game called “gotcha”.

If Congress and the President could spend 100% of their energy and focus on the issues instead of reacting to what Sarah Palin said to the Tea Party, or what Nancy Pelosi said about John Boehner, or what Mitch McConnell said about Rham Emmanuel, maybe the world would be a safer place. Maybe we’d have affordable healthcare. Maybe Iran would comply with the rest of the world’s wishes. Maybe the recession would have never happened.

Until we as a country smarten up and focus on the issues instead of the ideologues, we can expect the world to become an even more dangerous place. Ahmadinejad watches CNN too, so he knows we’re not paying enough attention to him.