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Where did you go, Barry-O?

October 28, 2009

images-1Remember “Fired up“? Remember “Yes We Can”? Remember kicking McCain’s ass? I remember all of it, but how long ago that all seems now.

Mr. President, I didn’t vote for you to make friends. I voted for you to push through OUR AGENDA. Healthcare for all. End the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Kick the Republicans and their culture of “no” to the curb. Dude–you’ve got a mandate. USE IT!

Sure I’d like to hear you say I will veto any healthcare bill without a public option. I want to hear you say Our strategy in Afghanistan is X, Y, and Z and my Generals on the ground say we need to commit this many troops to execute that strategy. I want to hear you say Bluedog Democrats–the GOP will embrace you but I will not. And I want to hear you say, just once, The bailouts saved our butts.

But whatever you say, say it with some anger. Say it with a little bit of impatience. Because I am growing angry and impatient with all the niceties and dreams of bipartisanship. You are change I can believe in–but please don’t change into a wimp! Democrats have the majority right now, so steamroll the opposition while you can. That’s what W did for eight years.

Go back and check out some of your campaign speeches and get your swagger back. It’s okay–no one is gonna take away your Nobel Peace Prize. Just be the Barry-O I voted for again, because the guy who is getting roughed up in the opinion polls is starting to look like just another politician. You are a once in a lifetime guy for people like me, but I expect you to get things done or at least make me feel like you are as upset with the way things are as I am.

Because as much as I love you, Barry-O, there’s a guy named Alan Grayson down in Florida who is saying all the things I want to hear right now. He’s got the swagger. He’s got the attitude. And he sounds FIRED UP!175px-Alan_Grayson_high_res