D is for DEMOCRAT; someone who is registered or aligned with the left wing of the political spectrum. The party with majority control of America’s Federal Government beginning in 2008.

D is for DISAPPOINTING; Democrats had a super-majority in the Senate for a year and got nothing accomplished.

D is for DEMAGOGUERY; how Democratic opposition scares the voting populace in America.

D is for D+; the grade I am giving the Democratic party for their performance from 2008-to date.

D is for DAFT; the way the Democratic party acts in the face of opposition.

D is for DE FACTO; the Democrats control the 2 out of 3 branches of government, but the GOP actually runs the show.

D is for DEADLOCKED; Democrats argue amongst themselves over everything, and they achieve nothing.

D is for DAMAGED GOODS; Harry Reid as the Democratic leader of the US Senate.

D is for DICHOTOMY; the difference between Democrats being in charge, and actually taking charge to get things done.

D is for DERELICTION OF DUTY; the shameful failure to fulfill one’s obligations (see DEMOCRAT).

D is for DISAFFECTED; how most Democrats feel these days.

D is for DOA (Dead On Arrival); the state of every bill introduced by the Democrats because of the GOP’s ability to rule from the minority position.

D is for DON’T ASK DON’T TELL; the most shameful Democratic idea ever.

D is for DUBIOUS; the state of Democratic power.

D is for DUPLICITY; Democrats promised to reform healthcare, and then they didn’t. No excuses!

D is for DIDDLY-SQUAT; what I got in return for electing Democrats.


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3 Responses to “D Is For DEMOCRAT”

  1. Linda Azif Says:

    I’m very surprised to see what you wrote…. what does all this mean?

  2. jessica mainer Says:

    I think it means:
    D is for Disgruntled; in a state of sulky dissatisfaction

  3. votingmad Says:

    Jessica–you nailed it. Thanks for reading!

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