Leading Off, Playing Center…Barack Obama

President Barack Hussein Obama (P)

Teddy is dead. Half of Massachusetts is Red. The Democratic Party had a Super-Majority for all of President Obama’s first year, and they couldn’t get healthcare reform done. 59 Democratic Senators can’t do any worse than 60 in this case.

Most US polls show that people like and respect Barack Obama. The rest of the world gave him a Nobel Peace Prize. Barack H. Obama was elected as the 44th President of The United states because most people on planet earth believe in his desire and ability to make the world a better place.

Now is the perfect time for him to leave the Democratic Party and start his own.

I have always believed in breaking the bi-polar mood swings this country suffers from being caught between a DEM vs. GOP, We vs. Them,  Hate vs. Other Hate. The only way to do that is to start a real 3rd political party in America. Joe LIEberman (i) has his ersatz independent Party (“i” intentionally lowercase). Obama can start the Progressive Party, as in President Obama (P).

Obama needs to get away from the entire congress and stand on his own personal principles and beliefs. The PEOPLE of America will re-elect him because he is brilliant, genuine, compassionate, and peaceful. He is a progressive person at a time when the “Progressive Party” agenda  needs to be distinguished from the centuries-old Democratic Party machine. But it’s not so much getting away from Democratic  ideals as it is getting away from the machine. The political machine in America is broken by political stalemate.

Two Democratic Party disasters occurred within 48 hours of each other: Scott Brown (R) was elected to replace the late Edward Kennedy (D) in the state of MA, and the US Supreme Court ruled that it was OK for Corporate America to give directly to Politicians’ campaign. Big sums of money. One MSNBC pundit said that Senators and Representatives would no longer represent states, but rather represent companies like GE and AIG and BP. He even suggested Congressmen and Women wear corporate logos when in session.

Senator Scott Brown is more an indication that there is an independent political growth in this country that has seeded and begun to crowd out certain legislators beholden to the left and the right. And Corporate America loves the GOP because of tax cuts and TARP, so can’t we just all recognize that that love exists? Let them give all the money to any politician who helps them out. If THE PEOPLE don’t like that politician they will vote with their wallets and spend their money with the companies that support the politicians that best represent them. Simple and honest. This Supreme Court ruling doesn’t bother me. As long as Obama gets out from in-between the Hatfields and the McCoys and leads the USA in his own direction.

Obama’s direction is very Progressive: Peaceful, Prosperous, Educated, Self-Sustaining, United, and Humane. The President of The United States of America is elected by all the people, supposedly because that person best represents what the country’s majority wants. Not to be the talking head of political party. If the people want something done then they will elect the person that will look at the other two branches of US government and say, “The people sent me here to sign this, and to veto that. You all figure out how to make it work in the US citizens’ best interests and show it to me when you’re ready!”

President Obama (D)–it’s time to become President Obama (P). Let’s get this party started already.


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6 Responses to “Leading Off, Playing Center…Barack Obama”

  1. Manuela Guidi Says:

    Given my Italian background, I am more in favor than you think regarding the expansion of a 2-party system and the potential for a Barack Obama party, but that’s easier said than done. He is now President of this country and needs to work within the current framework. And to this point, the framework is falling apart.

    Yesterday’s Supreme Court decision wiped out a century of legislation devoted to corporate corruption of our democracy – this decision comes at the same time that President Obama gives a speech about restriction the banks further. This is not a coincidence as our judicial branch is more and more politicized. This Supreme Court’s decision means that casinos, banks, GE can and will elect our officials. This ruling moves us into a perverted version of democracy where only money talks and where public relations firms will be manufacturing the consent of the government.

    It is urgent that we take action! Help me fight a corporate takeover of our democracy and make sure special interests won’t drown out the voices of ordinary Americans. Add your name today:


    Thanks for your ear.

  2. political humor obama Says:

    I more often than not dont post in Blogs. Still, your blog forced me to! Impressive job.. Keep it coming! Thanks!

  3. Zonia Fedde Says:

    When did you find the info? I tried to get some far more details about it, but I wasn’t able to.

  4. Jerrold Hohiudden Says:

    Great idea this, lots of useful information. Are there any forums that you recommend I join ?

  5. votingmad Says:

    Daily Kos is the best out there in my opinion. Thanks for reading!

  6. votingmad Says:

    Zonia–what info are you referring to? Most of this post is just purely my opinion.

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