Healthcare is NOT the Holocaust

All of my grandparents survived the Holocaust. Most of their families back in Europe did not. As survivors my grandparents never shied away from teaching me about the horrors they experienced: starvation, torture, mental abuse, and the grind of always being aware of the death surrounding them, closing in on them everyday. My grandparents told me about the Holocaust because they wanted me to be aware of the hatred that exists in this world–NOT because they wanted to exploit their experience for any other reason. What they went through is a very personal tragedy, whose lessons should only be harnessed for the power to do good, not more evil.

So when Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and her GOP cronies organized a “House Call” rally that exploited the Holocaust by comparing healthcare reform to the atrocities at Dachau and other concentration camps, I became absolutely infuriated.

Let’s be clear–the Democratic Party’s plans for healthcare reform, no matter what you think of them, have nothing to do with the following:

murder, starvation, rape, beatings, torture, medical experimentation without anesthesia, bayonetting live babies, mental anguish, imprisonment, genocide, assembly line extermination, cramming people into windowless cattle trains for 3-day rides with no food or toilets or beds, random killing for intimidation, mass graves, eating rats and bugs, ghettos, tattooing serial numbers on your arm, branding with hot irons, death marches, humiliation, family separation, typhoid, crematoriums, and gas chambers.

All too often the GOP plays the Hitler card in this debate. They make signs of Obama with a Hitler mustache, or call healthcare reform “Nazi Medicine”.

Where is the outrage of America’s Jewish population?


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One Response to “Healthcare is NOT the Holocaust”

  1. George Barr McCutcheon Says:

    It sounds like you’re creating problems yourself by trying to solve this issue instead of looking at why their is a problem in the first place.

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