Guess What–I joined the GOP!!

Picture 2

From my Facebook page. It's so weird to see it in writing like that.

My friend Bob got me all cyber-drunk tonight after I bumped into him on Facebook. Next thing I knew it, I had become a fan of the Republican Party of Wisconsin’s Facebook page. See, there’s the proof at the top of this post–a screen capture from my Facebook page.

Bob lives up in Wisco, and he’s a Liberal. So when I saw that he had joined this grand ol’ group, i first needed to recover from throwing up in my mouth a little. But right after that, I found out why.

The GOP of WI’s FB page only allows “fans” to post comments to their wall. So Bob became a fan, and using a modern-day kinda Trojan Horse strategy he infiltrated the enemy’s stronghold. Now Bob’s up there going all commando on the Wisconsin Republican Party.

“Go check it out. I just surf some of the postings and add a comment or two,” he wrote to me. “I like to use phrases like ‘George Bush’ and ‘trillion dollar deficit.’ Go there. You can hop around and throw in comments on all their idiotic anti-Obama ranting.”

So I checked it out:

Picture 3T

Hmmmmm…maybe flossing with the neo-cons can be kinda fun?


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One Response to “Guess What–I joined the GOP!!”

  1. Your pal Bob Says:

    Ha! I went stealth. You went thermo nuclear. Lemme know if Rush calls.

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